Elmar Gille


Elmar Gille 1984

Elmar Gille was born in 1947 in Heiligenstadt in former East-Germany. In his early childhood the Gille family fled to Western-Germany. His early childhood and adolescence memories are about the sad atmosphere in a Germany that was at that time still divided.

As a child Elmar Gille already felt he wanted to become an artist. His training started in Fulda, at the Teachers College, where he specialized as art teacher. After three years he went on to study at the Institute for Art and Graphic Design in Marburg. During his study, Gertraude Lowien, was one of the most important teachers. Educated in Italy, she taught him for four years and had a great influence on his artistic development – and aroused in him the affinity and love for Italy.


Elmar Gille 1994

Gille lives in The Netherlands since 1970, where he followed a graphics-oriented study at the Royal Academy for Art and Design in s-Hertogenbosch, with Dick Cassee and Eduard Flor as teachers that had the strongest influence on his later artistic development. His love for Italy did not end after the first contact in Fulda and Marburg.

He still goes frequently to his workshop in Tuscany for shorter or longer periods of inspiration. This is the place where he makes his sketches and pictures.

Elmar Gille does not feel much for a committed reckoning with the past and much rather dismisses the facts. He finds his own way and his own solutions in his paintings that reflect his frame of mind, sometimes by using objects of symbolic character. The use of chairs and tables has to be seen in this light and his landscapes also have a hidden symbolism.

Elmar Gille 2009